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80+ Instagram Posts Canva Template for Fitness Niche (B&W)

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Why is it that the gym boards and marketing materials feature aesthetic models?

It is to turn you on into subscribing to them.

What is the reason gyms have mirrors?

What songs do a gym's speakers play?

What shows up on a gym's screen?

You answer these questions.

Men who go to gym are usually active and sporty in nature. Hence, the TV screens show videos of renowned bodybuilders, boxers, wrestlers, and sportsmen keep playing. Songs are provocative in nature.

Now you guess what is that for?

When you know it already, what makes you miss out of visual stimuli?

You must be a gym or fitness coach. Or you can be a social media manager making social media creatives for a supplements brand.

Bodybuilders love to see bodybuilders. It’s this simple. Abide by this mantra when you’re making Instagram posts for your brand.

But you must be busy with your work or the designing work is simply not your thing. What to do then?

Presenting to you,

My 80+ Instagram Posts Canva Template for Fitness Niche. You can buy this template, modify and post the designs on your social media.

Which models’ pictures are there in the designs?

I’ve used the pictures of many bodybuilders like Ernest Khalimov aka Gigachad, Gerard Butler doing his legendary role of Leonidas in the movie 300, Arnold Schwarzenneger, Steve Reeves and Bengali Bodybuilders of 1930s.

What is the potential of these designs?

A real Gymbro dislikes cheesy or cheap content. You should show him aesthetics that he ends up signing up with you. This template gives you the base of what your ideal client wants to see. Also, these designs are mostly black and white. This adds to the aesthetics.


  1. Buy the template.
  2. Open the template links and click on the option that enables you to create a copy.
  3. Go through the designs and edit or change anything that is favourable to you.
  4. Save in PNG format.
  5. Upload or schedule on social media.

“How do I ensure how would the designs look like?”

I’m giving the usernames of IG accounts I’ve used these designs on. You can check them up:





You can check my Redbubble store here:

I’ve launched here the same set of designs in a bit modified which I’m selling to you.

To have an access to those designs, you can buy the 60+ POD Canva Template bearing the same designs modified for POD in a bundle.

I’ve used these designs myself so many times, so I know how the audience would interact with them. I’ve redefined these designs every time I reused them. Thus, you’re getting the most refined material.

“But bro, I don’t know Canva.”

Book a consultation session at just $100. I’ll help you out.

If you have got some extra time, read this:

What use are the bodybuilding social media posts to a customer?

The Psychology of Manifestation

The concept of manifestations hardly needs an introduction.

All the greatest psychologists of the world have harnessed its power. You can read the treatise of Napoleon Hill, Jose Silva, and Dr. Joseph Murphy for example.

All the rich people use the power of manifestation. Sportsmen live their goals before they actually achieve them.

In his emails, Arnold shared a lot of things he did to stay motivated.

In his teenage and coming of age days, he stuck pictures of a lot of well-built men in his room while the other boys stuck girls’ pictures. Many people got him wrong. But he knew he was on the right track.

He also mentions that he has erected a whiteboard in his gym where he writes his schedule. That pumps him up constantly.

Arnold retweeted my tweet and gave his wishes when I shared my feedback about his newsletter.

What are the terms of Licensing and Usage?

We have made use of several images that were available in public domain. We have used some copyrighted images under the ‘fair use’ clause. Also, the copyrights of several images expire when the model or photographer dies or when seventy or more years have passed since the creation of that media.

We advise you to check on the licensing and usage on your own end.

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80+ Instagram Posts Canva Template for Fitness Niche (B&W)

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80+ Instagram Posts Canva Template for Fitness Niche (B&W)

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